The Balance of Diet and Excercise to Lose Weight

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Being comfortable in your skin is everything for sure. However, we cannot forget that being overweight is not healthy for you. Many people who tried to lose weight sometimes failed because their mission is not to become healthier. Their top mission is to become slim. Thus, they would go the extra mile to lose weight in a short time in an extreme way.

They will lose weight so fast, but they cannot maintain it in the long run. In the end, it hits like a boomerang by gaining a lot more than what they lost. If you do not want this to happen to you, then you should try something light and easier to do. The focus is to be healthy and weight loss will follow. In this case, you need to learn to control your meal and to become active.

Control Your Portion & Enjoy Your Favorite Foods

You can cut sugar and fat as much as you want, but it will not become the best solution to manage your meal. Rather than doing it in an extreme way, try to reduce your meal portion. You can eat the foods that you love anytime, but you need to reduce the portion. It is good to reduce the portion by about 20%. Try to enjoy every bite of your food so that you will not eat too fast.

By practicing this in your daily schedule, you will get used to eating less without starving yourself. You can still do snacking, but you should not snack too much. It is important to control yourself before you go for the snacks. To ease your appetite, you can drink a glass of water and enjoy your snack bit by bit.

Light Exercise 3-4 Times A Week

Besides controlling your portion of food, you also need to be active. If you never like any workout or heavy exercise, then you can try something simpler. You can choose a walk to the park or stroll around with your bike. Spend about thirty minutes to enjoy nature. Build the habit of being active and you will feel the difference in your body.

Once your body becomes more active, you can try the other type of exercise. Cardio is good to burn calories, but not all people can do cardio due to their excess weight. Any jumping exercise is not recommended for people with too much excess weight as it can damage the joints. Thus, you can try yoga or pilates.

Yoga and pilates are good for body and soul. Joining a class will be good for your motivation. Otherwise, you can find some light exercise tutorials from recommended instructors. There are plenty of workout tutorials that do not require jumping. You can start with 10 minutes session until you are ready for the longer session.

This will not happen overnight for sure. However, the key here is the consistency of living a good and balanced life. By doing this, you will learn about determination, consistency, and also discipline. You will lose weight and most importantly you will have a better lifestyle and stay healthy.

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