After-Birth Exercise: When To Start?

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If you regularly practice sports before pregnancy, waiting for the right time to exercise after giving birth may feel like a long waiting. Range of tasks a mother carries indeed requires a strong, healthy body. However, after that massive effort of delivering a new life, one can feel reluctant to be physically active. When is actually the right time to start exercise again?

Know Your Condition

The key is to be realistic and patient. Even though you are a gymnastic expert, things may go beyond expectation. Do not be upset if your body needs more time to heal (than you expected) before going exercise again. If you went into caesarian labor, it generally takes about 6 to 8 weeks. Make sure your body gradually heals in every post-natal check.

Pay more attention if you are not used to do sport before and during pregnancy. Also, know your pregnancy track. You have to be more careful in practicing sport if you experience complication during labour.

Among indicators that shows your body is ready for some physical activities is pelvic floor. You can start to strengthen the pelvic floor as soon as the birth. Practice the easy kegel anytime and anywhere. It is like you hold the flow of urine. Avoid exercise which requires intense abdominal muscles contraction if you feel the pelvic floor is weak. Kegel practice is good for weak pelvic floor to get its strength and flexibility back.

Also check your flow before deciding to exercise. Bleeding may get heavier again if the body need more time to rest.

After-Birth Exercise
After-Birth Exercise

How To Start?

Start slowly so that your body has time to adjust. Walking is a great, safe option. Do not rush, and do not hesitate to rest whenever you feel tired. When your strength has gradually increased, longer walk with higher speed can be an option. Instead of using treadmill, walking outside is a good alternative or enjoy. Going outside helps new moms deal with postpartum depression. Carrying your baby is not impossible for an outside walk. You can get your strength and stamina back while bond with your baby. Certain classes are great, too. However, you need to consult with your doctor or postpartum exercise expert first. It is better to join classes which are specially designed for new moms.

Remember, always be patient with your body. Exercising brings many benefits but pushing yourself too hard after birth will only make you need longer time to really heal.

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