The Correlation of Happiness and Health for Women

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With how the world works today, it is easy to fall into depression and poor habits. Wrong choices are made because of the pressure or responsibilities. The dynamic of life today seems to be too fast which leaves you hard to take a breath sometimes. No wonder that lots of people, especially women get into poor dynamic of life causing them to live unhealthy and unhappy. However, it is something you can fix. Besides, women are known as strong minded-creatures once they set their mind into something.


How happiness and health are correlated

Some people say that happiness and health are correlated somehow. They are connected to each other and depended on each other. It can be true because when you are healthier, your mind is clearer and you find something makes you happy easily. Also, when you happy, it can reduce the level of toxin in your body especially the one that release stress. Thus, you have happier mood.


When you are happy, it is easier for you to think positively. You are more willing to promote healthy lifestyle as the result. From numerous studies, it was shown that happier people indeed tend to east healthier diet on daily basis. They pay more attention to fruit intakes, water consumption, and carbohydrates alternatives. When your diet is rich in vegetables and fruits for example, there are many health benefits you can experience not only physically but mentally.

The feeling of being healthy can make you feel happier.

It is also important to develop physical activity routinely. It is even better when you make it varied. Regular physical activity helps strengthen your immune system, build strong bones, maintain long lasting energy, lower blood pressure, and reduce body fat. Thus, women are encouraged to have regular physical activities to maintain overall well-being. Slim, sexy body is just a bonus you will get when you succeed making it a habit of yours.

When you are under pressure and stress, it makes you feel restless. Most people suffer from insomnia when they are stressed regardless of the cause. When you are happier, it is easier for you to have regular rest. You will be able to improve your sleep habits. Keep in mind that sleep is very important factor for your body to keep going physically and mentally. Sleep deprived will only lead to more stress, fatigue, less productivity, weight gain, and more problems. When you are stressed, try some exercise to help you relax. If the problems are hard to solve by yourself, ask for help from the people around you.


Happiness is also known to be good at lowering your risk of heart attack and other related problems. This happiness will help maintain your blood pressure. Remember that high blood pressure is the biggest contribution to heart diseases. Not to mention that happiness may help you live longer. Unhappy individuals are at higher risk of death. Therefore, it is important to maintain positive well-being which leads to happier life in general. Happier individuals have more positive effect on survival.

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