Keys to Healthier and Happier Life

Keys to Healthier and Happier Life

Encountering adulthood phase may be tricky for some people. The body possibly starts to send signals of gradual health breakdown. These signals can show as early as in the 20s or 30s if you treat your body and soul for granted. The causes mostly come from fatty junk foods, overload activities, and lack of rest and exercise.

Said to be hormonal creatures, maintaining health can be more challenging for women. Mood swing, stress, and fatigue are not merely part of daily routines but potentially grow to be obstacles in maintaining healthy, happy life if not properly taken care of. There are certainly some ways we can start just now to add quality of life by living a healthy, positive lifestyle.

– Know Your Body Cycle
Hormones hold a great role in women’s lives. Problem in hormone works are shown in numerous conditions such as fatigue, mood swing, acnes, weight-gain, unpredictable cycle, anxiety, and food craving. We can actually minimize those unpleasant effect by recognizing our body cycle and find out what things to do, what food to eat, to make hormones work in balance. Moreover, proper treatment let us get the best out of the happiness hormone.

During period, the body releases uterus layer in form of blood. Therefore, it is advised to consume nutritious foods to compensate the blood which comes out of the body. Foods which are rich of iron such as seafood and green vegetables are best options. Foods with good fats like avocado, nuts, and sweet potato are also important in this cycle.
Meanwhile, in ovulation phase, the estrogen level continues to rise. As a consequence, you will feel energized. Provide carbohydrate supply for the body to sustain your activities. However, you have to keep the estrogen level by consuming vegetables and fruits.

Healthier and Happier Life
Healthier and Happier Life

The luteal phase takes place after ovulation. In this phase, women generally experience bloating and cravings. Eat combination of green vegetables which are rich of calcium and magnesium in order to reduce uncomfortable feeling which is caused by bloating. This combination also keeps you from taking too much sugar.

– Exercise Regularly
There are a lot of benefits you can get by exercising regularly. Not only it is good for body figure and metabolism but also beneficial for your mind. There are certain hormones produced when we practice sports. They are endorphin, dopamine, and serotonin. Endorphin works like morphine which reduces body pains. Meanwhile, dopamine makes ones feel joy and serotonin increases ability to manage emotion, memory, and stress. Therefore, regular exercise will make you healthy, happy, and naturally improve your life quality in general.

– Have Enough Rest And Sleep
Do not be overly engaged with the demand of daily routines. Listen to your body, give it some good breaks it asks, enjoy games at Enjoy quality rest and good sleep. Sleep deprivation will bring risks to your health such as bad metabolism, stress, anxiety, weight-gain, and mood swing. These health issues possibly gets worse if not eventually maintained. Try to have at least eight hours of sleep at night. Relax your body and mind if you find it difficult to fall asleep. Warm bath, comfy clothes, light exercise, and a glass of milk may help.

Healthier and Happier Life
Healthier and Happier Life

– Be More Grateful
Count your blessings and you will be more serene. Be grateful for what you have in life. It is not always about material achievements. Families, friends, passion, and energy are precious things one can have. Be kind, build strong relationship with people who support you, and release negative emotion. Let it go of what you cannot have in the past. Embrace yourself and do not try so hard to please everyone.

What a Broken Nail Can Tell
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What a Broken Nail Can Tell

Nail treatment is one of beauty interest of many women. Strong, clean, healthy nails are good to see and feel. In the contrary, splitting and peeling nails could be familiar to some women. Brittle nails are indeed normal. Even though so, be cautious of this if it happens often and begins to bring impact to your activities in Actually, what to do over these breaking nails? Is beauty treatment the right solution?

Body Signal

Before going for a manicure to get rid of those brittle nails, there is more essential thing you should do. Review your food intake. Brittle nails could be the signs that you experience deficiency on certain vitamins, and most generally iron. This nail problem can also be symptom of bad blood circulation to the fingers.

Choose a healthy diet by consuming nutritious foods which are rich of iron and vitamin. You should have enough supply of vitamin B from nuts and cauliflower to overcome dry, brittle nails. Also avoid excessive hand washing especially if you apply soap with alcohol since it will make the dryness becomes worse.

For further detail, you may consult your doctor (instead going to the beauty parlor to have manicure) mainly if the nail problem has gone severe.

What a Broken Nail Can Tell
What a Broken Nail Can Tell

External Treatments

External daily treatments alongside nutritious diet, can help easing this problem.

  • Avoid Breakage

Do not grow your nails too long to avoid breakage. Always cut them using sharp clippers, naturally follow the round tip. Trim the nails after bathing, when your nails are soft.

  • Moisturize

Apply moisturizer and gently massage around cuticles. This step will ease the dryness so your nails will be stronger and healthier.

  • Home Treatment

Home treatment can be applied to temporarily replace treatment in beauty parlor. You can apply some natural ingredients to massage area around nails and cuticles. Some of them are aloe vera and honey. Gentle message using those natures help the blood circulation around finger and nail beds. Also, your nails will appear cleaner, shinier, and healthier.

If you should see professional treatment, make sure the place has good quality treatment utilities and reliable staffs. Pay attention to cleanliness and all the substances used. If the breakage is quite severe, temporarily avoid nail polishes. If you should apply one, pick one with friendly ingredient, less chemicals, and has vitamins and minerals so it is safe to use.

After-Birth Exercise: When To Start?
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After-Birth Exercise: When To Start?

If you regularly practice sports before pregnancy, waiting for the right time to exercise after giving birth may feel like a long waiting. Range of tasks a mother carries indeed requires a strong, healthy body. However, after that massive effort of delivering a new life, one can feel reluctant to be physically active. When is actually the right time to start exercise again?

Know Your Condition

The key is to be realistic and patient. Even though you are a gymnastic expert, things may go beyond expectation. Do not be upset if your body needs more time to heal (than you expected) before going exercise again. If you went into caesarian labor, it generally takes about 6 to 8 weeks. Make sure your body gradually heals in every post-natal check.

Pay more attention if you are not used to do sport before and during pregnancy. Also, know your pregnancy track. You have to be more careful in practicing sport if you experience complication during labour.

Among indicators that shows your body is ready for some physical activities is pelvic floor. You can start to strengthen the pelvic floor as soon as the birth. Practice the easy kegel anytime and anywhere. It is like you hold the flow of urine. Avoid exercise which requires intense abdominal muscles contraction if you feel the pelvic floor is weak. Kegel practice is good for weak pelvic floor to get its strength and flexibility back.

Also check your flow before deciding to exercise. Bleeding may get heavier again if the body need more time to rest.

After-Birth Exercise
After-Birth Exercise

How To Start?

Start slowly so that your body has time to adjust. Walking is a great, safe option. Do not rush, and do not hesitate to rest whenever you feel tired. When your strength has gradually increased, longer walk with higher speed can be an option. Instead of using treadmill, walking outside is a good alternative or enjoy dadu online at Going outside helps new moms deal with postpartum depression. Carrying your baby is not impossible for an outside walk. You can get your strength and stamina back while bond with your baby. Certain classes are great, too. However, you need to consult with your doctor or postpartum exercise expert first. It is better to join classes which are specially designed for new moms.

Remember, always be patient with your body. Exercising brings many benefits but pushing yourself too hard after birth will only make you need longer time to really heal.

Women and Forgetfulness

Women and Forgetfulness

Women are multitasking. Most of them are able to handle tasks at one period. While handling piles of tasks altogether, they may forget another and it can continuously happens. For those who run jobs and take care of the family at the same time, this situation may be familiar. However, is it normal to be forgetfulness? When is the time to be more concern of this symptom and to consult with doctor?

Is It Normal?

Being forgetful is said to be normal as healthy people can experience as much as 30 times memory disorder in a week. Common types of this case is being forgetful of ‘why am I going this way?’ ‘where did I put my glass of water just now?’ neurologist agree that this kind of short term memory loss is because humans are easily distracted. One might forget a phone call she has to make after dealing with cranky kids or one might forget certain term in the middle of conversation. Multitasking women face this circumstance quite often.

What Are The Causes?

As previously stated, distraction is the most cause of short term memory loss. The more we are engaged to one-way communication such as TV and internet or dadu online, the more we have things to see and check, the more likely we forget things around. Besides, the brain automatically erases simple things occurred in the past, such as we put the TV remote on the table few hours ago. When women start aging, the declining level of hormones also makes forgetfulness becomes worse.

Women and Forgetfulness
Women and Forgetfulness

When We Have To Concern More?

Go consult with medical care providers when you find significant memory loss. Before it actually happens, there are things we can do to keep our memories. Eat nutritious food to feed the brain and to keep the hormones work in balance. Foods which are rich of vitamin B and folate are beneficial for the nerves. Healthy lifestyle is important to keep the memory sharp. Be physically active by exercising. You can also try dancing, gardening, or cooking. Train your brain by working puzzles, riddles, or coloring. Avoid stress, sleep well, and manage your task piles. Those contribute to memory loss if poorly organized. Set a stress-free environment or if it is not possible, train yourself to keep calm, learn technic to reduce the stress level. To avoid stress from busy routines, short down activities and list your priorities. Those may help your memory sharp longer.

PMS: Does It Have To Be That Painful?
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PMS: Does It Have To Be That Painful?

Once a month, there is time when everything seems to go wrong. This PMS or Premenstrual Syndrome phase is a very common situation women encounter. The mood swing, along with pain all over the body are assumed as monthly routines one most likely to experience. Certainly those are natural process. However, do they really have to be intensely painful?

The Causes of Premenstrual Syndrome

PMS is part of menstrual cycle which takes place shortly before the period. It is greatly known to have impacts on women’s emotion, physical condition, and also behavior. The condition is said to be normal as up to 80% women experience it. Although there are no exact causes found, researchers assumed that PMS is closely related to the change of hormone level during the cycle. Estrogen and progesterone level increase.

This increasing hormone level is possibly responsible for mood swings, anxiety, and perverseness during the days. Do not worry, PMS naturally disappears once the menstruation begins. However, there are some conditions that you must be more attentive in taking care of yourself when experiencing PMS. Physical and emotional trauma, depression history are among issues you must carefully watch. See your doctor when PMS start to significantly affect your life and will not seem to go away after certain period of time.

The Remedies

Good news is, there are things we can try to at least reduce the monthly pain. The impact may be different concerning to each physical condition.

  • Healthy Diet

Researchers advise nutritious, low-fat foods to reduce the pain of the cramp. It means consuming more vegetables and avoiding certain foods which are high in fat, salt, sodas, and alcohol. Replace your caffeinated drinks with warm, herbal tea or water with lemon juice.

By eating this way, you will notice the decreasing pain and body inflammation. Moreover, it can improve your health in general.

  • Relaxing The Nervous System

Massage is traditional remedy that can help the tensed muscles more relaxed. Use essential oils to massage your lower abdomen with circular motions. Remain gentle by using your fingertips. You can also try warm bath to relax the nervous system.

Premenstrual Syndrome
Premenstrual Syndrome
  • Exercise

Regular exercise is good for the metabolism, includes menstrual cycle. It also makes the body gains more resistance during PMS. If you start to feel the monthly pain, try moderate physical activity such as cycling, walking, or swimming.