What a Broken Nail Can Tell

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Nail treatment is one of beauty interest of many women. Strong, clean, healthy nails are good to see and feel. In the contrary, splitting and peeling nails could be familiar to some women. Brittle nails are indeed normal. Even though so, be cautious of this if it happens often and begins to bring impact to your activities in Actually, what to do over these breaking nails? Is beauty treatment the right solution?

Body Signal

Before going for a manicure to get rid of those brittle nails, there is more essential thing you should do. Review your food intake. Brittle nails could be the signs that you experience deficiency on certain vitamins, and most generally iron. This nail problem can also be symptom of bad blood circulation to the fingers.

Choose a healthy diet by consuming nutritious foods which are rich of iron and vitamin. You should have enough supply of vitamin B from nuts and cauliflower to overcome dry, brittle nails. Also avoid excessive hand washing especially if you apply soap with alcohol since it will make the dryness becomes worse.

For further detail, you may consult your doctor (instead going to the beauty parlor to have manicure) mainly if the nail problem has gone severe.

What a Broken Nail Can Tell
What a Broken Nail Can Tell

External Treatments

External daily treatments alongside nutritious diet, can help easing this problem.

  • Avoid Breakage

Do not grow your nails too long to avoid breakage. Always cut them using sharp clippers, naturally follow the round tip. Trim the nails after bathing, when your nails are soft.

  • Moisturize

Apply moisturizer and gently massage around cuticles. This step will ease the dryness so your nails will be stronger and healthier.

  • Home Treatment

Home treatment can be applied to temporarily replace treatment in beauty parlor. You can apply some natural ingredients to massage area around nails and cuticles. Some of them are aloe vera and honey. Gentle message using those natures help the blood circulation around finger and nail beds. Also, your nails will appear cleaner, shinier, and healthier.

If you should see professional treatment, make sure the place has good quality treatment utilities and reliable staffs. Pay attention to cleanliness and all the substances used. If the breakage is quite severe, temporarily avoid nail polishes. If you should apply one, pick one with friendly ingredient, less chemicals, and has vitamins and minerals so it is safe to use.

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