Reduce Your Sugar Intake, Now!

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Do you know that American Heart Association suggested maximum sugar consumption form women is six teaspoonful a day? Everything is measureable and relatively under control when at home. However, how can we tell the sugar amount when we consume drinks, cakes, candies and other sweets that we get outside?

Sweet treats are indeed many people’s favorites. Not only because the pleasant taste but also it gives the feeling of more energized, comfortable, and happy. However, there are risks you may have to bring later if not being cautious in your sugar intake. Better concern now and notice some benefits in your body.

The Effects of High Sugar Intake

What does really happen in the body when we feel good after consuming sweets? Actually, it is because eating sugar makes the brain feels good from the significantly increasing level of dopamine.  This what triggers craving. The same thing also happens to energy level. Sweets can immediately boost energy level because it quickly raises the blood sugar. Sounds good at first, but this surge of energy will not last long, as a result, your energy level is unstable. You may feel anxiety when the energy drops.

If you keep reaching sweets to boost energy and to keep feeling good, you may carry higher risk of some health problems. Uncontrolled sugar amount damages the kidney that it passes excessive sugar to your urine. Also, high sugar intake bring higher risk of heart disease because of the calories from added sugar. The most notable impact is body weight. You may notice unwanted fat layers since excessive sugar results unnecessary calorie which transforms into layer of fat, mostly around stomach.

Reduce Your Sugar Intake, Now!
Reduce Your Sugar Intake, Now!

How to Cut Sugar Intake?

Reduce all kinds of sweetened drinks. Replace your sweet treats by consuming natural sweeteners from fruits. You can also add flavor to your foods with herbs or natural seasoning to compensate the less-sweet flavor. To make it easier to control, try to cook your own foods.

Cutting sugar intake can lower the diabetes risk and also good for the heart. Since high sugar consumption affects skin flexibility, reducing it will make the skin looks firm. Moderate intake is also beneficial for your weight. It will be easier to control without sweet craving.

Although getting rid of excessive sugar does not likely happen in a day but it is worth trying for better health in the future.

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